U.S. Commercial Service Healthcare Trade Mission to South Africa and Kenya Optional add-on stops: Ethiopia l Ghana l Mozambique

The purpose of the mission is to introduce U.S. firms to the rapidly expanding healthcare sectors in these two countries and to assist U.S. companies in pursuing opportunities in this sector. �U.S. companies will attend pre-scheduled meetings with potential agents, distributors, end users, industry contacts and government officials for the goal of launching or increasing exports.

�U.S. medical devices are highly regarded by the local medical community and often dominate the health landscape.� Local distributors are eager to see the latest innovations from the U.S. The region has a growing middle class demanding better access to healthcare, increasing the need for better healthcare treatment and facilities. A growing burden of disease, particularly non-communicable diseases is also an area of focus. ��

  • When: October 22-27, 2017
  • Where: Johannesburg, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya with optional add-ons: Ethiopia, Ghana, or Mozambique
  • Cost: $4,375 for small and medium-sized-enterprises* (<500 employees);�$5,975 for large firms
  • Apply Early, Limited Space! Register Today at: http://bit.ly/2lAselx

For more Information: Contact Michelle Ouellette, 617-565-4302

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