Webinar: Doing Business in Southeast Europe

Webinar: Doing Business in Southeast Europe

In 2015, the value of US exports to the five countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania and Serbia approached $2.4 billion. The region holds potential, a strategic location, and an increasingly solid business climate for US companies. Now is the time for your firm to explore opportunities in Southeast Europe.  


To educate clients on export opportunities in this region. Companies will learn about best prospect industries, financial and legal considerations, and marketing strategies for 5 Southeast European countries.

Event Information

  • Gain knowledge about the export opportunities and best prospects in key markets in Southeastern Europe - Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania and Serbia.
  • Understand and appreciate the cultural differences, economic conditions and technological capabilities of potential partners.
  • Create your strategic marketing plan to begin exporting or to increase your market share in the region.
  • Learn more about the Trade Winds Business Forum 2017, Southeast Europe held in Bucharest, Romania by visiting: http://export.gov/tradewinds

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