Health Care Study Mission to United Kingdom

 The purpose of the mission is to establish relationships with key government and industry leaders in the U.K., to learn first-hand about the U.K.’s health care delivery system, to further position Nashville as an industry capital and to set the stage for future business and educational collaborations. 

The 2017 mission offers a select group of approximately 30 health care executives the opportunity to garner information about the NHS, which has been rated by the Commonwealth Fund as the best system in terms efficiency, effective care, safe care, coordinated care, patient-centered care and cost-related problems in comparison to 10 other countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the US). It also ranked second for equity


 Agenda highlights include: 

 Briefings with key U.S. Embassy officials 

 Health Ministry sessions on public health sector 

 Dialogue with leading insurance organizations 

 English CEO perspectives on care delivery 

 Site visits to health care delivery settings 

 Briefing on EU-wide health care finance trends 

 Exclusive U.S. Embassy-hosted reception 

 For more information about sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 Nashville Health Care Council Study Mission to the U.K., please call +1 615 743 3148 or