Part 2 of 6: "Opportunities in the Bahamas"

Why export to the Bahamas?

The Bahamian economy is driven by tourism and financial services. The Bahamas imports nearly all of its food and manufactured goods from the United States, and U.S. goods and services tend to be favored by Bahamians due to cultural similarities and exposure to U.S. advertising.There are no significant barriers to trade in The Bahamas. The Bahamas is currently reviewing proposals for alternative energy sources. This is expected to create opportunities for foreign direct investment in the energy industry.

Best prospect sectors for US exports include:

Hotel/Tourism; Franchise; Construction Equipment and Supplies; Consumer Products; and Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Products

Participant expectations:

Companies will learn more about the best prospect sectors, financial and legal considerations, and marketing strategies. Participants will also understand and appreciate the cultural differences, economic conditions and technological capabilities of the Bahamas.

Webinar Details:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EDT