International Trade Seminar: Drop Shipments, Returns/Repairs, and NAFTA Documentation

Tuesday May 1st 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CST

This course has been pre-approved by NASBITE International as a CGBP recertification program. Attendees that register for the entire session will receive 7.25 CEUs towards annual recertification. The morning session alone is worth 3.5 CEUs, and the afternoon session is worth 3.75 CEUs.

Forum on site in Sioux Falls, SD or via live-stream webinar.

Morning Session
"You want me to drop the shipment?" "No, it is a Drop shipment." "Oh... now what?"

with Catherine Peterson

  • An American exporter sells its product to a long-time customer in the UK. The long-time customer then resells the product to its customer in Greece. The UK customer then asks the American exporter to ship the product directly to Greece.  
  • A US firm has a supplier in Indonesia and a customer in South Korea. The US firm sells its Indonesian supplier's product to the South Korean customer.
    • What do these firms need to do?
    • What documents are to be provided to the freight forwarder?
    • What value is reported in the Electronic Export Information (AESDirect)?
    • Are there two trade terms?
    • Who hires the freight forwarder and authorizes them to act?

Afternoon Session

What's an Exporter to do? 

with Catherine Petersen

Warranty Returns, Reexports, Replacements, and Samples

  • Every exporter deserves a parade with confetti for successfully selling its products to a foreign customer. Unfortunately, day to day issues get in the way of celebration, especially when the customer advises they need a replacement or repair. These issues do not occur every day, but when they do, the exporter must act to meet the customer's needs, and satisfy the terms of their agreement. Goods unable to be repaired must be replaced.
    • How should an exporter proceed?
    • Which documents must be provided?
    • What value is to be declared on the commercial invoice?
    • What trade term is best?

NAFTA Discussion  

With Catherine Petersen

NAFTA has been in the news over the past few years. This portion of the day will include a brief presentation on what is happening concerning NAFTA, with time allotted for questions from the audience. Some points of discussion will include:  

  • Who must sign a NAFTA Certificate?
  • What does it mean to issue a NAFTA Certificate?
  • Where do I find "rules of origin"?
  • Can I avoid issuing a NAFTA Certificate?


NAFTA - The Canadian Perspective

with Canadian Consul General Paul Connors

A continuation of our NAFTA Discussion led by the Canadian Consul General, Paul Connors. 



Morning Session - $125 (tax included)

Afternoon Session - $125 (tax included)

All Day - $250 (tax included)


Morning Session - $100 (tax included)

Afternoon Session - $100 (tax included)

All Day - $200 (tax included

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