Caribbean and Central American Inbound Trade Mission

  • Miami, FL
  • United States

Tuesday June 12 - Thursday June 14, 2018

Miami, FL

The Caribbean value added food market is characterized by a strong dependence on foreign food products, especially from the United States due to the region’s little arable land, limited supply of water, and no economies of scale and economies of experience. Furthermore, the proximity between some of these Caribbean countries and the US also boosts demand for US value added food products. For example, each year between six and seven million tourists (over half of which are from the United States) visit the Caribbean fueling the demand for US products. In 2015, the United States exported $1 billion worth of consumer oriented products to the region, a record figure following years of growth in that category. 

The Central American value added for market is also very promising for US suppliers. US food products are sought after by consumers in these countries due to their health standards, quality and novelty. Since the exercise of CAFTA-DR bilateral trade between the US and Central America (and the Dominican Republic) has increased. A trade treaty between Panama and the US, which came into effect in 2012, has also simplified requirements for the importation of US food products. US suppliers that register with SUSTA for this activity will enjoy several benefits such as the opportunity to advertise their products through one-on-one meetings with buyers from the Caribbean and Central America in Miami. 

Fee Includes:

  • Participation Fee: $150 (if you register before April 11th, 2018)
  • After April 11th, the participation fee increases to $225.
  • Pre-arranged matched one-on-one meetings with key buyers, importers, distributors, and/or brokers from the Caribbean and Central America
  • Space will be provided for a small tabletop display of products and information
  • Travel and accommodations are the responsibility of the company.

Refund Cancellation Date: No refunds for cancellation after May 18th, 2018

Industry Focus: Food Service Products, Ingredient, Produce, Retail Products

Product Description

  • Beverages
  • Deli Products
  • Ethnic and Specialty foods
  • French Fries
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Juices
  • Poultry meat and products (excluding eggs)
  • Prepared foods
  • Red meat and red meat productsSeafood
  • Snacks
  • Tomato pastes and Sauces
  • Wine 

Event Activities and Prices:

One-on-one meetings with Caribbean and Central American buyers: $225.00 

Early Bird Discount (before April 6th): $75.00

Registration Link:

Registration ends at 11:59pm Central Time: May 18, 2018